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Jun 14, 2013 10:00pm PDT
, and everybody in the sharing economy saying we can actually plan with you and not wait for disaster to hit. >> reporter: hurricane sandy last winter was the wake-up call for new york. >> the oceans are warmer so we would expect more storms and we've got to be ready for that and we have 450 miles of coastline in new york city and we need a lot of technology to figure out how to protect from waves from high water from winds and that kind of thing. >> reporter: both mayors say they do need more help from technology leaders so the first part of that technology summit will be held in new york this fall. the second part of the summit will be here in san fransisco early next year. hat work together to help solve city . >>> there are already 600 san fransisco based technology companies that work together to help solve city problems like education, and immigration issues. >>> one city in california is cracking down on medical marijuana deliveries, just like pizza. some people get it delivered to their home. riverside has had enough. they have a ban on all medical marijuana delivery services. one de
Jun 19, 2013 10:00pm PDT
the bond-buying program. that has pushed the stock market to an all-time high. he predicts the economy is looking up and unemployment will drop to 7%. so he says it may no longer be needed. >>> the federal reserve announcement sent stocks tumbling. the dow dropped 206 points. >>> a free concert featuring michelle shock is a no-go. today the publisher of the san francisco examiner confirmed the june 30th show, which is the day of the city's lgbt pride parade has been canceled. many people were furious about the plan to let her play after she went on an antigay rant at a concert in march. >>> and the announcement today that actor james gandolfini died stunned many of his fans and the entertainment industry. >> yeah, i know. but i'm talking to you here on a human level. >> reporter: actor best known for playing tony soprano died while on vacation in rome. according to the network, the possible cause was a heart attack. fans were shocked to hear about his death. >> he was incredibly gifted, and he was very, very sharing of his art. and he is going to be missed. >> reporter: the actor rose
Jun 20, 2013 10:00pm PDT
bond buying program later this year if the economy continues to improve. the rifely between the biggest social media. the newest feature for instay gram and how crucial it is to come up with the next big thing. instagram isn't just about photos anymore. the popular photo sharing company announced its millions of users can shoot and share 15 second videos and colorize them for dreamy or dramatic effect. but the biggest innovation is cinema, which takes the shake out of your shots. >> this is the normal video, and this is sin ma, gorgeous video for your iphone. this is thoriginnal, and this is with instagram. >> facebook hinted something big was coming and it needs a hit. its rival social network has a new app, which lets users upload six second clips. >> makes sure it had a hole on its competition. we needed to play catch up with twitter. thanks to the popularity, facebook had to up. now things have gone nuclear, that's due to the explosion of mobile devices. >> it depends on what your friends are using. >> updating status all at once. >> favorite social media at the moment. >> tw
Jun 16, 2013 8:30am PDT
's a dollar more and you know that you're contributing to this economy and that your next door neighbor or brother-in-law or, you know, the young kid down the street is going to benefit from this, i think you're going to be willing to pay that extra dollar. >> and spores said congress is trying to create more incentives for businesses like tax credits. the exhibit is open today from 11:00 a.m. to 9 at the san mateo county fair. >>> how's this for ice cream. a white russian or nestle o bra bama. those are two specialties served up in the local store in ireland ahead of the g-8 summit. there is chocolate and roasted nuts for president obama and vodka and coffee liqueur for the russian president putin. now, the choices may not be for everyone's taste, whether you like the leader or not. >> and probably coming up with a little cali system. you know. that is how they do with big time sales. they did this with the 7-eleven cups? >> on this, they can base it on how you exited the ice cream store. if you walk the oba malign, the straight line. the putin, weaving. >> i like that flavor. we have
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4